Arabian wolf

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The Arabian wolf (Canis lupus arabs) lives in Southern Israel, parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan and some parts of Egypt. This subspecies of gray wolf was once found throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula.

The numbers of Arabian wolves have been increasing in both Oman and Iraq. Oman banned the hunting of them, and they are thought to be reestablishing their natural range. They have become a problem in Iraq due to aggressiveness near villages. There are thought to only be about 150 Arabian wolves living in Israel.

The Arabian wolf is one of the smallest gray wolf species. It stands about 26 inches high at the shoulders and weighs about 40 lbs. They are well adapted to living in the desert; their overly large ears help with the dispersion of body heat. The Arabian wolf fur is short and thin in the summer months and grows much longer during the colder seasons.

The Arabian wolves have some main differences from other gray wolf subspecies. Arabian wolves tend to travel and hunt in pairs, or at most with a total of 4 animals, and are also not commonly known to howl. Their middle two toes are also fused for better traction in sand.

Arabian Wolf Taxonomical Classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Canidae
  • Genus: Canis
  • Species: C. lupus
  • Subspecies: C. l. lupus
  • Trinomial name: Canis lupus arabs

Picture source: Daniel Mott from Stockholm, Sweden