Steppe wolf

The Steppe wolf (Canis lupus campestris) has a wide range that encompasses the areas between Caucasus, Trans-Caucasus, Northern Ukraine, and southern Kazakhstan. They encompass most of the steppe like geographical areas within the range.

The Steppe wolf is an average size gray wolf subspecies growing to weights of around 83 lbs. They are smaller than their closest geographical cousin, the Eurasian wolf. The fur of the Steppe wolf is a brownish red on the top, and light gray on the sides and also shorter and coarser than the Eurasian wolf. The fur of Steppe wolves located in Kazakhstan tends to be more red overall.

Interesting facts about the Steppe wolf

Steppe wolves have been observed to surplus kill Caspian seals as a method of controlling their numbers, and honing their hunting skills.

Steppe Wolf Taxonomical Classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Carnivora
  • Family: Canidae
  • Genus: Canis
  • Species: C. lupus
  • Subspecies: C. l. campestris
  • Trinomial name: Canis lupus campestris